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DnD Candles | How to find the perfect candle for your role playing games' character

Class-Specific Candles

We've designed, tested, and produced 2 class-specific candles that are tailor-made for rogue and wizard characters (with many more dungeons and dragons classes on the way for 2023!) to bring your adventuring party the perfect immersive experience.

Rogue's Retreat

Our Rogue’s Retreat candle is designed to evoke images of a cloistered room in an urban setting that the party’s rogue character has setup as a safe house--this is the rogue’s solace against their busy life outside.  Here, your roguish characters can plan the next heist, infiltration, or assassination from relative comfort and safety.  Polished leather armor dominates the room’s scent, while lighter herbs from healing potions mingle with the cedarwood planking that line the room. 

Our Rogue's Retreat candle tin has burn time of ~8 hours, and is the perfect candle for sly rogue's everywhere!

Wizard's Tower

Our Wizard’s Tower candle teleports you into the isolated keep of a wizard buried in their thoughts in the pursuit of arcane knowledge. Here, wizard characters can finally focus on what's important: knowledge! With that in mind, thousands of books, scrolls, and scraps of paper have accumulated in the tower, leaving meandering walkways between towering piles of documents. Book-bindings and the smell of scrolls permeate the air, undercutting the sweet pipe tobacco smoke that continuously emanates from your Wizard while they search for tips on defeating their enemies.

Our Wizard's Tower candle also has a burn time of ~8 hours, and will fill your table with the sweet scent of tobacco smoke!

Location-Specific Candles

In addition to class-specific candles, Gameplay candles offers location-based candle scents that will send your to whatever setting your adventures require!

Elven Forest

Few wilderness settings are as iconic as forests, and our Elven Forest candle aims to capture the aromas found in these worlds within worlds. Pine, fir, and birch wood suffuse your senses and help this candle bring your adventuring party from the table to the trees. Step carefully through the kingdom of the elves, as they haven't always been known to be friendly to outsiders...

Our Elven Forest Jar candle has a burn time of 30+ hours and will last through several dungeons!

Dwarven Mountain Hall

Many Dwarven kingdoms make their homes amid hewn rock and sifted silt, burying deep underground in tunnels and halls that celebrate the architectural prowess of master stonemasons. Like any wealthy kingdom, their legendary feasting halls are not a stop to be missed by your adventuring party. Smoked meat musk and wood smoke pour from our candle, welcoming your party forward to the feast and the celebration of life! Check out Dwarven Mountain Hall.

Our Dwarven Mountain Hall candle delivers your by mine cart directly into the a feasting hall!

Traveler's Tavern

We'll end this tour of our scents where so many adventures begin: the tavern. Whether you're meeting your friend's PCs for the first time or licking your wounds after slaying dragons, taverns tend to be the mainstay in role playing games everywhere. Enjoy the scents of whisky mixed with fire smoke and spices as you live the adventure at your party's favorite tavern with our Traveler's Tavern candle.

After the dungeons, relax at the Traveler's Tavern.  No dragons here!

Premium Coconut Wax Candles

Gameplay Candles make all of our candles out of a premium coconut wax blend. Our candles burn time varies from 30+ hours for our larger jar candles, to 8-10 hours for our tin candles. Not sure which candle's to get? Order our tealight candle sample pack and bring them to your next game night to try out our core scents, or join our email list. Let our candles help you discover worlds of adventure at your gaming table.