D&D Candles that Provide an Immersive Experience for the Game & Story

Whether it's your first time DMing, you're just getting into Dungeons and Dragons, or you are an avid fantasy enthusiast: lighting up a candle helps immerse you in the story and will fill the room with scents designed to teleport you into the adventure!

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  • Safe and non-toxic scent blends will fill a room with just one candle.

    Phthalate Free Fragrances

  • ethically-sourced materials in every candle let you focus on your fantasy adventures, less on real life, and let us sell with a sense of purpose!!

    Sustainable Wax & Wicks

  • Recyclable boxes and containers preserve our forests and bring players together for life

    Recyclable Boxes & Containers

  • Our engineering and testing data shows an average burn time in excess of 30 hours for our hand poured jar candles (just mind the wick).  Bring one home today!

    Long 30+ Hour Burn Time