One Shot Series | Island of Melorin

One Shot Series | Island of Melorin

One Shot Series | Island of Melorin

The Outset Isles are filled with adventures, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

Melorin for Role Playing Games

We'll continue our exploration of the Outset Isles with an in-depth look at Melorin, the southern island of the pair of isles. While enjoying a softer, more welcoming climate compared to the Island of Belmarra, it still possesses a number of threats--both natural and political--that would keep the most experienced adventuring party on their toes! Whether you're standing in awe of the World Tree on the northern shores of Clearwater Lake, or traversing the sand dunes near Orthrac, this enchanting land is one brimming with potential for one-shot adventures.

Politics and Forces

Unlike its northern neighbor, the land of Melorin is split amongst many political factions. Some of these entities are strongly united, such as in the duchy of Summerton. Others are less of a political force, and more of a loose coalition of like-minded city-states, such as the desert tribes of Ma'kalth. Each political group will eventually get their own article in our series, but for now, imagine the possibilities of political intrigue available across this checkered land.

Life in the city of Ma'kalth is harsh, but can bring riches to the right adventuring party.

A More Diverse Climate

By and large, Melorin offers its inhabitants a more amenable weather pattern, with some notable exceptions. The lager landmass allows for a greater range of climates, including taiga, savanna, temperate, arid desert, and tropical climates. Each climate affects the people, flora, and fauna living within its bounds, including a number of migratory birds and beasts that travel the length of the island for semiannual mating cycles.

Although not devoid of life, the Sand Sea is not the sort of place you want to find yourself.

Which DnD Candles Work Best for Melorin

One of the most striking areas of Melorin is the Sand Sea desert. Being in the center of the island, this natural barrier hindered cultural exchange between the northern and southern areas for many millennia, until trade routes on the ocean allowed for contact to be made. We're partial to our Summer Seasonal candle, Enchanted Cotton, for this desert setting. The light and airy cotton scent is just the thing to bring an immersive experience to the table and allow for players to imagine themselves worlds away. Order one today!

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What's Next?

In our next article, I'll start detailing different points of interest in Melorin. From low level farming towns, to rich metropolises filled with dungeons and dragons, we'll cover it all!

Got any questions about Melorin, or tips on bringing your worlds to life? Feel free to send us and email and I'll provide you way more information than you'd ever thought possible!