D&D Gift Ideas for Fantasy Lovers this Holiday Season

D&D Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season | The Best Fantasy Gifts & RPG Gifts for Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers

Its never a bad time to be on the lookout for D&D gifts for your adventuring party! Use the gift ideas here to help prepare for the upcoming holiday season--or to gain a few extra inspiration points from your Dungeon Master!

Gift ideas for Dungeon Masters

Dungeon Masters put a lot of work into preparing each session, campaign, and adventure. Why not reward their effort with one of the gifts below?

An evil red dragon takes flight!  Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

#1 Dungeon master screen

This is the quintessential dungeon master tool, and invaluable for running the game at any table. Besides looking awesome, the DM screen allows the dungeon master to have a quick reference on multiple pieces of information, whether its note for important NPCs, or detailed information regarding character conditions. Not to mention, it provides dungeon masters the ability to opt-out of particularly brutal rolls...

Who needs paperwork in the digital age?

#2 Form-fillable pdfs for encounters

There are a number of tools available to assist DMs in quickly creating memorable encounters, but this has got to be the best I've seen. For just a few bucks, the tools you gain access to automatically fill in monster stats not just from the monster manual, but from all the rules and books put out by WotC! Worth it!

Unlock your DM's inner artist!

#3 Drawing kits for map making

Perhaps your dungeon master is artistically inclined? If so, these pencils are a great gift for applying different shades to paper. Additionally, this book helps new artists learn the basics of map design and iconography to enable them to start creating maps right away!

Of course, digital map making also makes sense for many DMs, so don't forget to checkout Inkarnate's excellent map making software. Its easy to use and will have fantasy maps become a staple at every gaming session!

Help bring order to your DM's worldbuilding efforts!

#4 World-Building Account

For the ultimate organizer, this world-building software works well with other digital tools to bring to life the complex dreams of the most ambitious dungeon masters! Different tiers of accounts unlock various features, but even basic plans include articles map cataloging, dozens of articles for creation, and timelines.

Teleport your party to a roadside tavern to kickoff any adventure!

#5 Traveler's Tavern Scented Candle

You didn't think we would miss out on an opportunity to promote our candles, did you? What setting is more iconic than a tavern to start out a fantasy adventure? Immerse yourself in the smells of a roadside refuge from the elements as you and your adventuring companions bond over strong drink, roaring fire, and a smoky atmosphere, and prepare to get into some good fun!

Command color and immerse your party in gameplay!

#6 Color-changing lights

Few things bring to life the adventure more than dynamic lighting. Empower your dungeon master with color changing lights, perfect for any setting or situation! Perhaps the shaded canopy of a dense forest is best represented by green light, while the forge of a dwarven furnace is more of a yellow/orange hue. With these lights as gifts, there are literally millions of colors and combinations to explore!

Battle maps--much better than this one!

#7 Battle maps

Let your dungeon master bring combat to the next level with these battle mats! Washable, durable, and reusable mats help organize and clarify combat for everyone at the table, no matter what location the combat takes place. Or, you can spring for these location-specific mats with artwork already printed on them, with a number of reusable cling-sticker props!

Your wizard commanding the weave!

#8 Custom Art prints

What better way to thank you dungeon master than with a picture of yourself? Or better yet, get all your dungeons and dragons adventuring characters to pitch in for a group portrait! All jokes aside, there is no shortage of options available to have custom art commissioned for your adventuring party. Prices and lead times vary widely, so acting earlier would be better!

Only one trip to the game table required!

#9 Tabletop gamer bag

Your dungeon master should award you inspiration for this great gift! Rather than digging through multiple bags for a missing manual, give the gift of organization with this Tabletop Gamer bag! There are enough zippers, compartments, and loops to hold everything a well-prepared dungeon master could need!

Drinks for players not included!

#10 Drinking horn

Help ease your troubled dungeon master's mind with these authentic Viking drinking horns, made from real (ethically sourced) ox horn! Nothing smooths over bad rolls like a heavy pour at the game table, so you might as well do it in style!

Gift ideas for D&D Player Characters

Player Characters form the backbone of every adventure. Consider these gifts to optimize game night!

There's no such thing as 'enough dice'!

#1 All the dice!

There is no such thing as enough dice! Besides being essential to any dungeons and dragons game, dice allow players to personalize their game night experience. And although you can easily spend over $100 on a set of dice (or even $1400 for one die!), there are many, many, many options out there that can fit any budget and any aesthetic you're looking for for your dice!

A simple, but effective way of containing your dice!

#2 Dice rolling trays

All those dice need somewhere to roll, don't they? Without provide some confines, errant dice might roll right off the table, knock over minifigs, or scatter into nooks and crannies that will have you searching the table top for precious minutes and interrupting the flow of the game! Use these dice rolling trays to reign in your dice and keep the fun flowing! Or pick up this set of dice trays as gifts and empower all the adventuring characters to hold their dice!

Make a splash with this rainbow-colored titanium dice bag!

#3 Dice bag

With all those dice and dice rolling trays, the only thing left to take care of them is storage! Now don't get me wrong: I've sported an empty Crown Royal bag for years (as is tradition), but for the discerning dungeons and dragons player, consider this bag (from critical role). If you're looking for a more authentic feel, try this beautiful leather drawstring pouch. Or, for the toughest dice bag out there, store your dice in this titanium chainmail bag. Just expect to garner some reactions when you set your dice out on the table!

Spell cards are a life saver for any dungeons and dragons player!

#4 Spell cards

Besides dice, the next most commonly-used item should be spell cards. These handy reference cards allow players to quickly and easily organize their magical items, abilities, and features and keep the games energy up! Don't get bogged down trying to look up consumables and somatic requirements for spells, when instead you can have all that information at your fingertips with these cards!

Leather and suede bases mix with lighter notes of herbs, jasmine, and dark chocolate.

#5 Rogue's Retreat Scented Candle

All dungeons and dragons players can appreciate a sanctuary away from the dangers of a hostile adventuring world. Take a short rest in the rogue's retreat, and enjoy the comforting scents of leather and suede, with top notes of herbs, jasmine, and dark chocolate! Don't worry: rest now and lick your wounds before jumping back into playing the game!

Photo courtesy of HeroForge

#6 Hero Forge Gift Card

Bring your character to life with a minifig produced by Hero Forge! This company has millions of combinations of character options, equipment, and poses available, allowing any character to be 3d printed and used while playing the game! Get one for yourself, or gift a gift card to a friend. Besides offering 3d printed models in a variety of materials, you can also purchase the files needed to print your figurine with your own 3d printer!

Photo courtesy of Critical Role.

#7 Themed Campaign Journal

There's always at least 1 note-taker at my tables, so why not empower them with a themed campaign journal to record your heroic deeds in style? There's no shortage of options out there, so make sure to take your time and find a journal décor that fits into your campaign.

Form-fillable character sheets are amazing!

#8 Form-fillable pdf Character sheets

Similar to the encounter sheets above, there are a variety of free pdf's floating about the internet. However, the best character sheets can be found here. These sheets fill in key information, items, class features, and character details automatically, letting players focus more on playing the game and less on worrying if all their character information is correct!

Stickers are a great way to announce your passions to the world!

#9 D&D Vinyl Stickers

Sometimes it can be torture waiting for game night to roll around, so decorate your out-of-game life with some premium vinyl stickers that announce to to the world how awesome you are! There are a lot of funny and witty options out there, but my favorite has got to be this!

Photo courtesy of NAH Outpost

#10 D&D Coasters

Help protect your gaming table with these stylish coasters, each with a class-specific design. If wood isn't for you, consider these etched slate coasters instead! Dnd players everywhere can appreciate a moisture-free table surface!

Gift ideas for Fantasy Enthusiasts

There's more to Fantasy than Dungeons and Dragons (allegedly). These gifts will help bring to life their favorite fantastical world!

Books: the magical birthplace of fantasy!

#1 Book Series

Fantasy books span a wide range of themes, from the classic good vs. evil, to coming of age and love stories. Find out which theme entices your friends, and select a new book series for them. Or, give them a gift card to take the guesswork out of the equation!

Although candles are awesome, reading light technology has progressed beyond this setup!

#2 Reading Light

With that great book you gifted, what better accessory than a reading light? Throw caution to the winds and stay up late, curled up with a good book, all without disturbing the room with bright lights. You'll sleep when the battery dies (although, it can last up to 70 hours, so...)!

Never lose your spot in an adventure again!

#3 Book mark

When its time to put the book down, use one of these fantasy-inspired book marks to keep your place! With dozens of options to choose from, you should have no trouble picking a style unique to your tastes!

Fantasy books of the highest caliber!

#4 Core Rule books

What better gift than turning your friend into a dnd fan? Consider purchasing this set of the core rule books, complete with copies of the Dungeon Master's Guide, the Player's Handbook, the Monster Manual, a dungeon master screen, and a case to hold it all in! Or, entice them to buy their own by starting them off with the official Essentials Kit, complete with everything they need for filling out character sheets and rolling dice!

The forest comes alive with pine and fir top notes mingling with hints of citrus, and are anchored with old-growth cypress, smoke, and amber.

#5 Elven Forest Scented Candle

Elves and forests are ubiquitous enough in the fantasy realm that we can confidently recommend this scented candle for anyone interested in general fantasy. Light this candle to tread lightly on forbidden paths in an old-grown evergreen forest to reach your destiny!

Look at these nerds

#6 Fantasy Clothing

Level up your friend's next renaissance faire experience with some fantasy clothing! From simple robes to more elaborate armor sets, there are a wide variety of styles and price points available!

This ring only belongs on one finger...

#7 Jewelry

Who wouldn't want the power of the One Ring? Sa ne people, I suppose? There's more to fantasy jewelry than just cursed rings, however. Checkout the variety of options available to find the perfect gift for your special someone!

Cover some real ground with these maps!

#8 Fantastical Maps

Most fantasy stories cover a journey through magical lands fraught with danger, mystery and treasure awaiting the protagonists. Capture the adventure with a fantasy map from their favorite story! Also, consider getting a fantasy version of your home state to bring the magic to the real world!

Add a fantasy atmosphere to any room!

#9 Incense

Suffuse your friend's senses with a variety of incense and holders to match their style! With options as unique as any adventure, you're sure to find something to capture their imagination!

The perfect pen holder!

#10 Fantasy Desk Accessories

Bring joy to your friend's boring office life by bringing a bit of fantasy to the workplace with these fantasy-inspired desk accessories! Let the proclamation spread forth: Jane from Accounting is a fantasy enthusiast!

Be sure to check out the rest of our scented candles for the perfect gift for anyone!