Fantasy Candles - What the future holds

Gameplay Candles | What the Future Holds for Fantasy Candles

Gameplay Candles | What the Future Holds for Fantasy Candles

As the world enters a New Year, enjoy and check out our candles!

Put A Bow On It: 2022 Wrap Up

2022 is almost over (thank goodness), and we're ready & excited to begin 2023 to bring more fantasy candles, fun, and immersive experiences to our fans!

A lot happened this year, and I think its important to take a moment to look back and see how far we've come. After spending many months testing and refining to create the perfect candle, we were all set to finally launch this business in spring of this year, but our life was put on pause due to a house fire that destroyed part of our kitchen.

Not candle realted!  Although never leave your candle unattended!

After a grueling, months-long recovery process, we finally were able to move back into our home and get this business going in time for the busy holiday season! Whew!

If there's anything we learned as a company and family in 2022, its that good things come at the right time. Like wizards, they are never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to!

Some pictures don't need a description, but in order to sort these, here's Gandalf.

Looking Forward: What We're Planning for 2023

We're making it easier to find you type of fantasy candle in 2023! New class-specific fantasy candles are on their way!

2023 is an ambitious year for Gameplay Candles.  Having survived one holiday season, we aren’t taking any breaks before getting to work restocking our shelves, developing new seasonal and core-collection scents, and some fresh, special projects D&D players will love!

We can't share every project we're working on, but our major goal in 2023 is to design, test, and launch a candle for each character class in D&D 5e.  As of this writing, we currently offer our Rogue’s Retreat and Wizard’s Tower scented candles as part of this line.

For those counting, that leaves...a lot of other classes to pick out the details on! But fear not, we're the sort to have plans, and plans within plans--and plans for when those plans fail--that will keep us on task and on schedule! We're excited to share our other, top-secret projects with you as the year progresses!

Is this wizard trying to transport away, or just trying to checkout a guild to join?  That's a weird looking candle!

In addition to finishing out the fifth-edition class specific candles, we're also planning to release 'seasonal' candles that tie into different parts of the year. Each scent for each candle is designed to evoke feelings specific to that season, or in some cases, holiday. Scent development is something we take very seriously at Gameplay Candles, which is why each fantasy-inspired candle is the best!

A Final Word

Let us spell it out for you...Thank You!  We can't wait to bring you more fantasy candles in the New Year!

I'd like to acknowledge and share the reality that without our customers, Gameplay Candles would not be the company it is today. We strive to make candles with you in mind to help transport you into your adventures. We listen to every scrap of feedback offered up, whether that's through our social media channels, spirited game night night conversations, or anything in between!

We feel profoundly thankful for our customers, so THANK YOU, from all of us at Gameplay Candles. We hope to continue to serve you in the new year!