One-Shot Series | An Overview

One-Shot Series | An Overview

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What are 'one-shot' role playing games? (and which dnd candles to use!)

In the simplest terms, one-shots are self contained dungeons and dragons adventures that can be run through in a single gaming session (a good burn-time match for our tealight candle pack!).

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Because of these qualities, Dungeon Masters can easily and quickly bring together the basic story elements for one-shot worlds in relatively short order.

That was the motivation behind this series. We'll be posting periodic updates on the blog to sort out worlds ripe for adventuring and tips for DMs. Each setting is designed to have enough details in the background that allow for an immersive experience and let players lose themselves in the collective story they're telling around the table.

New lands for adventures!

Our Location: The Outset Isles

The Outset Isles.  The settings for the one-shots discussed in this series.

The overall location for this one-shot series is a land called the Outset Isles. By having a common land, there's the opportunity to string together one-shots and provide a better experience at the table.

Adventures are what its all about!

A Quick Note

Like every other detail provided in this series, dungeon masters should feel free to switch them up so that whatever makes the most sense for your adventuring party is what you present. Bring your own worlds to the table!

We don't mind you making this your own world!  In fact, send us your ideas on how we can make it better!

The Island's Topography

The Outset Isles consist of two main large land masses—the northern island of Belmarra and the Southern island of Melorin.  Additionally, three smaller land masses to the east of the south-eastern coast of Melorin comprise an additional 12% of the Isle’s total landmass, which totals 186,820 square kilometers (72,130 sq mi).  The island’s varied topography and sharp mountain peaks owe much to tectonic upheaval, although several ancient origin stories make mention of Gods causing dramatic changes in the landscape--just the sort of plot hook needed for high-level adventurers.

Well-worn trails speak of life on Melorin...and bring many dungeons to explore!

What's Next?

In the next article of this series, we'll take a closer look at Belmarra: the geography, ecology (dragons!), and political powers that make up the Northern Island. Make sure to join our email list to get notified when new articles get posted!

Life and danger coexist on Belmarra, a land ripe with adventures!