Why We Created Gameplay Candles

Gameplay Candles arose from Alex’s desire to create a more immersive game night experience for his adventuring party. Having led weekly D&D adventures for more than two years straight, Alex had tried every technique and tactic available to engage his player’s 5 senses. One area where he saw a significant opportunity to connect with his party was through scents that aligned with the story being crafted.

Alex purchased several scented candles from various manufacturers to achieve that goal, but of course (as a DM), he couldn’t help but notice that most candle makers were making candles for purposes other than D&D campaigns. After spending an arm and a leg on products that never fit his vision, Alex became determined to create an actual D&D-inspired line of scented candles.

Being the meticulous Manufacturing Engineer that he is, he then spent two years developing the best-scented candle for tabletop adventuring parties everywhere and is now proud to offer them for sale through his website and a select group of brick-and-mortar storefronts.