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Side Quest Candle Bundle

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Not every action is realm-saving, and not every adventurer is 100% committed to the main quest line. Level up in a low-stakes environment with our Side Quest Candle line! Each candle is designed to capture the essence of a simple villager NPC that adventurers might come across on the way to save the kingdom. 

Axeman's Thicket captures the wild nature of the forest, albeit one that is slowly being tamed by the local wood cutter and his mill.

Baker's Hearth distills the essence of the village's communal kitchen, where fresh-baked bread and delicious pasteries tempt the hungry appetites of adventurers.

Farmer's Plot celebrates the cornerstone of most small villages: the humble farmer. As if by magic, fresh-tilled earth gives way to a bountiful harvest and powers the beating, agricultural heart of the village.