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Ranger's Refuge Wax Melts

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As you tread carefully on well-worn paths deeper into the forest, the scent of cedar smoke is the first sign you're approaching your destination.  Through the trees you eventually catch sight of your resting place: a hidden cabin, far from the pressures and noises of 'civilization,' and closer to nature and the natural world.  Here, you can finally relax, heal, and take stock of your situation--without your adventuring party's constant interruptions and needs getting in the way.

Take a load off at the Ranger's Refuge, with deep notes of cedar bark, amber, and musk, all mixing with leather, brandy, and a touch of citrus. 

Notes: cedar, amber, tobacco, and vanilla combined with crushed clove, tonka bean, sweet orange, leather, and brandy.

Wax Melts

  • Wax: 2.50oz eco-friendly coconut wax blend; soy-free; sustainable
  • Fragrance: Phthalate-free, paraben-free, and free of toxic ingredients on the California Prop 65 List
  • Container: recyclable plastic 'clam shell' design.